We hand over as well as gain the inspiration within Erasmus+ partners’ project. Our focus is zooming in the most up-to-date trends in technical and digital world.

Through Partnerhip projects our purely Czech reputation got international label.


The opportunity to meet and share the experience with foreign educators.

We organize seminars for foreign educators who are eager to learn new ideas and inspiration how to introduce the technical and digital world around us in their schools or kindergartens. Our goal is to improve teachers’ skills in the field of STEM and ICT.

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We want to bring our partners’ schools the most up-to-date incentives from the constant developing technical and digital world. We put our energy and enthusiasm into new international pathway in form of EU partnerships with EU schools and teachers in order to keep up with the newest worlds trends in STEM and ICT. We hope that we will be still so passionate about what we have done and what we will do. New horizons and ideas will boost us and give us our constant inner motivation to be creative.